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If you have to push too hard, consider either going up a size or trying a new shoe.

However, if your child’s foot slides in too easily and there is a large gap between the big toe and the end of the shoe, pick a different brand or go down a size. · Shoes with mesh allow more give and tend to be lighter.

I didn't even think wearing flats would be a possibility so it was very exciting! Dianein CA - the platform sandals with the wedge heel that looks to be at least an inch, doesn't that cause stress on the AFO foot plate, and doesn't the heel height difference make you lean forwards?

I think it s fantastic that these work for you, and I'm only trying to understand how you are able to have any shoe that has any type of heel, regardless if a platform or not. Hi chata55--I find that it's all about the slope. like a heel), then it would make you lean forward, because the AFOs are designed for a flat to slightly sloped (i.e. These particular platforms (Dansko) work for me because they're the same slope as a tennis shoe.

Pedors Stretch Walker Pedors Classic Max Pedors High-Top Ankle braces are designed to perform a variety of functions dependent on what condition is being presented.

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