Single dad dating advice

by  |  10-Feb-2020 23:57

Throughout my career as a single woman, I’ve been out with a few single parents along the way.

None of those men were options for me personally, and I am actually skeptical about going out with a single parent again.

In the majority of split-parent families, children often suffer the most.

Young children generally cannot grasp the concept of why their mommy or daddy is no longer part of their life on a consistent, daily basis and older children tend to blame themselves for the broken relationship, attempting to find fault in things that they generally could not have prevented.

Is it wrong to not want to go out on dates unless you feel there is potential for a long term relationship?

As a divorced dad who has full custody of my 13 year-old daughter, I don’t have time to waste.

Never lie to your child and always emphasize your love for them.

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