Speed dating business networking instructions

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Putting your body in a state of ketosis is useful in some cases, especially if you suffer from seizure disorders or epilepsy, says the University of Maryland Medical Center.Ketosis can also lead to weight and fat loss and occurs when ketone bodies (made from fat instead of glucose from carbohydrates) are your body's primary fuel source. Speed networking is like speed dating for professionals.

After everyone has shared, there’s a minute to write down notes and then the bell rings and people are off to the next table!

We typically do this four times so each woman meets at least 12 new women.

Shasta Nelson, a relationship and transitions life coach, is the founder and spirit behind Girlfriend Circles.com, a new and vibrant community dedicated to introducing women and inspiring friendship in cities across this country.

When I learned about this event, I wanted to find out more about it so I interviewed Shasta: What exactly is Speed-Friending?

The Charlie Foundation provides a quick reference for carb allotment recommendations to achieve and maintain ketosis. If you are eating at a 4:1 ratio of protein and fat to carbs, you'll need the following carb levels (or fewer) each day: In addition to boosting fat and cutting way back on carbs, lowering your overall calorie intake also helps speed up ketosis.

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