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The query would in fact execute without any error messages since the correlated subquery in SET clause returns EXACTLY one row for each row in B and the where clause executes without error. Lets say you have a table A ( id int, a1 varchar2(25) ) and a table B ( id int PRIMARY KEY, b1 varchar2(25) ). REGISTRATION(BIN, NAME, NAME_ALIAS, COR_GROUP, AUTHOBY, AUTHODATE, CG_NAME, ADD1, ADD2, ADD3, TEL1, FAX1, ADD5, ADD6, ADD7, TEL2, FAX2, ADD9, ADD10, ADD11, TEL3, FAX3, TP_TYPE, TRD_LINC, TRD_FY, TRD_AUTH, IMP_REG, EXP_REG, REG_TYPE, TIN, STATUS, PRE_BIN, DATREG, STAT_CHNG, ACT_CODE, ACT_MULT, ITEM_TYPE, OLD_ACT, APP_CAT, LCODE, ISSUE_DATE, VREG, M_POSI, MFUNC, SFUNC, LAST_USER, LAST_ACCS, TREG, PAY_FREQ, CREG, EREG, OREG, OP_BAL, OP_BAL_DT) select BIN, NAME---- from VIS. Thank u very much for ur kind & very helpful reply. Here the source tables have data with leading spaces and the target data should be without spaces.

I put a primary key on B(id) because if there is NO SUCH constraint -- the update is totally ambigous -- if there is more then 1 value of B1 in B for a given ID -- we cannot tell what row in B should be used to update the row in A. REGISTRATION where BIN NOT IN (select BIN from VIS. Its working very nicely.i will greateful to u forever.i was suffering by this problem for a long i am using the following / insert into VISTEMP. i could envision problems with only a second of granularity on a clock -- you could miss a record or two due to that. d) I don't program forms -- you can try otn.- Thank u very much for ur nice reply. I plan to use RTRIM function in the WHERE clause to get specific set records and then after fetching, I’ll insert with a RTRIM on each column.

You will need the Azure SDK and the VS Azure tools installed to be able to compile it.

Once you have the source downloaded and extracted to your local drive, you should be able to just hit F5 for it to work.

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