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As an anti-spoofing measure, additional fields such as playback rights and a random number are encrypted with three more predefined ECC key pairs either by the client or server software: An analysis of version 2 of the DRM scheme in Windows Media Audio revealed that it was using a combination of elliptic curve cryptography key exchange, the DES block cipher, a custom block cipher dubbed Multi Swap (for MACs only), the RC4 stream cipher, and the SHA-1 hashing function.

The result is that while the scheme has been cracked several times, it has usually not remained cracked for long.

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Version 10 was cracked in early 2005, but a software update was shortly pushed which sealed the relevant hole.

Note: When you click Upgrade, your computer will connect to a Microsoft-operated Internet site and send information about your digital media player, including a unique hardware identifier.

"We've had to update a required DRM component, please restart browser and try again".

Windows Media DRM is a Digital Rights Management service for the Windows Media platform.

Once you disable a CDM, however, sites using this type of DRM may not operate properly.

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