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It will become our community’s highest level policy and decision-making tool that can be applied to all levels of decisions and other planning. The policies will direct the decisions made by the Village of Warfield municipal government, but the vision, goals and priorities will be developed by and for the community – all residents, businesses and organizations in Warfield can contribute to developing them and making them happen.

Sustainability principles will be integrated into the plan such that we are planning for the health and success of our community for generations to come.

The winners of the two Cornerstone Deli gift card prizes for participating in the Warfield2040 survey and event are Carolyn Amantea and John Foley. Please stay connected to the project to hear about the next input opportunity, where residents will be able to give feedback on the draft plan!

The community input gathered through survey #2 is summarized in this ‘What We Heard’ document.

The second round of input to the IOCP has been gathered, and it is being used to make revisions to the draft goals and policies, which will be released in June as part of the draft Integrated Official Community Plan.

It should be able to access the local CEC's service element to create the IOCDS.

Also, you can add the SNA address of the service element to the Processor definition (option 1 then option 3 from the HCD main menu.) You should be able to update any CEC's IOCDS in the shop if they are connected to the same "HMC network" (for lack of a better term).

Apparatus according to claim 1 in which said returning means indicates to said remote processor to instantly adjust and dynamically activate said certain one of said sets of configuration definition data.11. However, it is not able to reconfigure the hardware resources or operating systems in a parallel processing system such as that known as "Sysplex" and described in the article "Does SYSPLEX perplex you? The communication between processors in IBM's Sysplex has been described in two IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin articles: "Use of XCF to Facilitate Communication among Independent Processors" by T. This requirement is becoming particularly important in the modern data processing world since one wishes to ensure that at least some of the processors in the system are continuously available for use and thus eliminate "down-time".

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