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by  |  01-Mar-2020 17:21

People use the i Phone by touching the screen with a finger or two.

This is done by tapping, dragging, and even typing on a keyboard shown on the screen.

If you've just upgraded the hardware, updated to i OS 10, or restored, give things a day or so to finish up and go back to normal. That's especially true with things like Live Photos, 12 megapixel cameras, 4K video, i Message apps, Siri integrations, and more.

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The first thing you're greeted with on Black Berry 10 is the lock screen, which not only shows the time and date, but also notifications, unread messages and upcoming calendar events.

There's a button to launch the camera straight from the lock screen to grab a quick snap, just hold down on the icon for three of seconds.

It is a mobile phone, meaning that it makes calls without wires. Like an i Pod, it plays music and videos that have been put on it from a big computer, which is called syncing.

It also has a calendar and camera, and can send text messages.

Here are 5 ways you can use to update your Windows operating system.

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