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The notification alert will read: "Windows Defender is checking for updates" and "New definitions or updates will be automatically installed." Wait for the process to finish. Look at the bottom of the Windows Defender dialog box in the "Status" section for the text, "Definition Version." To the right of that look for "created on." If the day, date, and time are fairly recently--in the past few days or within the past week--you have installed the most recent definition updates.

Windows Defender is the default antivirus software in Windows 10.

As you likely know, the Defender in Windows 10/8 is nothing but a cut-down version of Microsoft Security Essentials.

I would like to try the manual, but then fear that it might do more bad than good......... Click the Start button to open the Windows Start menu and click directly on the "Windows Defender" icon if it is pinned on the Start menu. Alternatively, type "Windows Defender" in the Search box at the bottom of the Start menu.

thanks for the tip, I was getting a warning every time i logged on that i needed to update defender but got errors each time i tried to run the update. Click on the "Windows Defender" link that appears in the search results. Move the mouse cursor to the top of the Windows Defender dialog box and click the down arrow next to the "? Select "Check for updates" from the drop down menu. Monitor the Windows taskbar for notifications about Windows Defender updates near the system time clock.

Windows Defender was released for Windows XP and Server 2003 as a free antispyware program.

Later it came included with Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

After that you can manually install those virus definition updates in your computer system or any other computer system and you'll no longer need an Internet connection or access to Windows Update to update Windows Defender.

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