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In addition to 20 years on Home and Away, Ritchie has also hosted various television events and appeared in commercials, a mini-series and an Australian film.

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On 16 October Ritchie appeared on pay-TV, on The Merrick & Rosso Show.

THE DEAD (title): Joyce completed this story in Rome in 1907; it was the last to be written.

Why leave you thus your graves, In far off fields and waves, Where the worm and the sea-bird only know your bed, To haunt this spot where all Those eyes that wept your fall, And the hearts that wail'd you, like your own, lie dead?

It is true, it is true, we are shadows cold and wan; And the fair and the brave whom we lov'd on earth are gone, But still thus even in death So sweet the living breath Of the fields and the flow'rs in our youth we wander9d o9er That ere, condemn'd, we go To freeze mid Hecla's* snow, We would taste it awhile, and think we live once more!

Her UK demise with the same episode occurred not long after the Australian, with her departure being screened on UK terrestrial television on .

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